What is a disciple? A follower of a person or idea: somebody who believes in and follows the teachings of a leader, a philosophy, or a religion. In one way or another, all of us are disciples of someone or something. None of us decide what we think of life by ourselves; rather we are instructed, influenced and directed by other people and ideas. Of course, that makes us want to ask the question: who am I a disciple of? What or who am I following?

The mission of Youth Disciples is to make followers of Jesus Christ. It is this person and his ideas that we are following. That is what it means to be a “Christian.” Sometimes that word gets confused with a religious tradition (my parents go to this church) or things we do (that isn’t very Christian or I believe I will go to heaven because I am generally a good person) or even a set of beliefs (I believe in God, heaven, life after death, etc.). It is true that “Christians” go to church (a community of those who follow Christ not a building) and do good deeds (because I follow Christ, not because I’m some great person) and believe certain things (which all start with Jesus), but at their essence they are followers of this person called Jesus Christ. Next big question. Then who is Jesus Christ?

A person. A son. A friend. A leader of men. A teacher. Someone who knew hunger and pain and suffering. Someone who wept for others. Someone who took bold stands against wrongdoing and against some of the culture of his day. He healed others. He enjoyed time with children. He prayed. He anguished over things. He had compassion. He fed others. He loved his friends and corrected them when they did wrong. He spoke of God as his Father. He was also tempted by all these things just like us but he was still more than this…

He is God. The beginning and the end. He is the Word, the one who reveals God the Father to us. He was born as a man but existed for eternity before this. He is Savior. He is the one who can redeem us. Redeem from what? From sin, wrongdoing, guilt, condemnation. He is the one who is just and he is the one who justifies.

You may say, “I don’t know what to think about this, but I would like to know more.” Perfect. That is why we are here. So look at this site more. Contact us. Ask us questions. Join our activities. We want to tell you what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.